Just a random place to put the solution to this problem that periodically plagues me.

If you've come to this web page looking for something else, and are wondering what Aegis is, see Aegis.

During aeipass, aegis sometimes complains of something like the following:

aegis: ci -f -u -d -M -m22 /tmp/aegis-e2e9e1a8-a404-4373-a35f-3fdc7f65f798/
        s22321 /home/aegis/eco-tierra/history/dd.uui/2b.uui/a0bad059.468/
/home/aegis/eco-tierra/history/dd.uui/2b.uui/a0bad059.468/d90bda0e.6dc/s22321,v  <--  /tmp/aegis-e2e9e1a8-a404-4373-a35f-3fdc7f65f798/s22321
ci: /home/aegis/eco-tierra/history/dd.uui/2b.uui/a0bad059.468/d90bda0e.6dc/s22321,v: no lock set by aegis
aegis: command "ci" exit status 1

The solution I found was to log in as the aegis repository user, and lock the offending file. So in this case (as user aegis), do the following

rcs -l /home/aegis/eco-tierra/history/dd.uui/2b.uui/a0bad059.468/d90bda0e.6dc/s22321,v